The pursuit of staying in shape the year around is needed when living in a climate that has cold weather. That is likely in the northern states with snowfall and after dark in other states. When it rains or especially if it snows, what alternative workout choices do you have?

You can go to the gym. You can get outside in the wet elements and run. That gets you away from what you train on, unless you are a cross training or multiple sport athlete. Outdoor training requires you deal with the wet storm and snowy precipitation that slows you down. A personal best training pace is less likely to result from outdoor workouts.

For cyclists, training inside is better with the use of a trainer or roller. These devices are similar to treadmills that runners and walkers use. Since you have a bicycle, why not use it with what professional cyclists use? Use a trainer or rollers.

What is a trainer you ask? It is a mini bicycle treadmill. It is attached to the back wheel at its rear axial. A roller is like a runner's treadmill. Instead of a rolling platform for running, there are three rolling pins. They are both fine exercising machines and require using your bike together with them to work. The bike is ridden on top of the equipment. Stationary bikes are individual machines by themselves.

Why use a trainer or roller if an exerciser is available? A gym model is designed for leisure riding comfort with a wide cushioned seat. Reading a book is encouraged. Peddling on your own racing bike that you always use is the primary reason. You ride in the same positions because you are using with your own bike. That is usually in an aerodynamic bent over position.

The more you are riding your bike, the more you are aware of yourself and your bike as one unit. Racing shoes attached to the pedals are also worn. Your bike gives you feedback with the surface conditions. It is. for example, the difference between riding a thoroughbred horse and a mule. That is the same feeling between a bike exercise machine and using a trainer or a roller.

What about riding a trainer versus a roller? You will soon experience the difference riding them. Riding a trainer is like riding with training wheels. Do you remember them? Your rear wheel is fixed and your bike is higher with rear tire when peddling on the trainer. Your front tire is free moving also. A front tire holder which rests under the front tire is available. Spinning or sprinting is hindered because of your back axial is fixed. Now riding on a roller is different. It is a free feeling allowing you to ride like you are one the road. You can honk, spin and shift on rollers just as you do on the road. Imagine you are riding no handed. You can with rollers.

The resistance is gotten because of the three roller pins. They look like big bakery rolling pins. Two pins are around the rear tire. Just in front and in back. One pin connected by a cable rolls under the front tire. Resistance is from you weight on the bike is transferred onto the back wheel. Added resistance is from the cable that connects the two rollers and your weight on the handle bars. You must learn to ride again. Balance is learned too. Soon you are riding like a pro with the freedom and ability of a pro racer.

That is your choice between trainers and rollers. Both require a blowing fan. They are both connected options. You will perspire freely, become conditioned and fit riding indoors.

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